Friday, November 16, 2007

Thing 23: Program Summary

23 Things has been a great learning experience. Many of the Things I knew by name only. Had it not been for this structured opportunity, I wouldn't have taken the time to play with them. The links and suggested readings were helpful. I found it useful to see how other libraries and librarians are using these technologies, and hope to see Howard County Library do even more with them. As a next step, I'm interested in reading Michael Stephens' two part Library Technology Reports on Web 2.0 and Libraries. Part 1: Best Practices and Social Software; Part 2: Trends and Technologies.

I'd like to thank the creators of Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0, and Jaye Holly for the role she played in making this happen for Howard County Library staff. I would welcome the oportunity to participate in another discovery program in the future.

Thing 22: Downloadable Audiobooks

I know something about Overdrive and NetLibrary since we add MARC records for those titles to our online catalog. So, I decided to investigate Project Gutenberg which I knew by name only. I was amazed to read that "tens of thousands of volunteers" have contributed to the project. I tried searching for an older, little known title, and bingo. A girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter is a book that my mother-in-law talked about reading as a girl. I was able to find it, and the download from ibiblio took only a few seconds. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Gutenberg also includes The Sheet Music Project for which volunteers have digitized public domain sheet music for study and performance.

Thing 21: Podcasts

The word podcast has become a part of everyday vocabulary, but I hadn't subscribed to one through an RSS feed until doing this exercise. I discovered LibVibe Library News, and it only took a single click on "Subscribe" to add this to my Bloglines account. The synopsis of stories which Bloglines lists for each podcast date is helpful in determining whether you want to spend the six minutes listening.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thing 20: YouTube

Finding Time in The Penn State Libraries is a 1 minute, 12 seconds race to locate Time Magazine, set to Flight of the Bumblebee. I can pull up Time in our AquaBrowser interface in a mere 12 seconds by searching Time, then clicking on Format > Magazine / Newspaper. OK, maybe I have an advantage over our average customer because I understand how refining is set up in AquaBrowser.

I've looked at lots of YouTube videos over the past few months, but was surprised that Yahoo was at the top of the video site list. I hadn't looked at Yahoo, Google, or the myriad of others on that list. Had no trouble placing the video on my blog, but will admit that I first visited the Help Center to discover the steps involved.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thing 19: Web 2.0 Awards List

I selected the music category, and spent a few minutes playing with Earlier I stumbled upon myblogtunes and added a station with a song to my blog, but was disappointed with that site because there was no classical music. is also from the Music Genome project, but has LOTS more content and a substantial amount of classical music. I was even able to listen to some Percy Grainger, whose arrangements have become some of my favorite band repertoire.

Thing 18: Online Productivity Tools

The KOHA scope of work document was created with Google docs, and I found it very easy to edit existing text and add my own content:

I liked the simplicity of Zoho Writer, so I signed up so I can play with a test spreadsheet. I need to create one for my volunteer work with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The challenge will be getting the other flotilla officers who report to me to use it since some of them have limited computer skills.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thing 17: Learning 2.0 SandBox Wiki

Playing in the sandbox reinforced how easy it is to set up a wiki. Here's the link to my creation: